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Pastoral Care
Series 4 Helpful Thoughts

People often believe that their emotions are determined by external events, situa-tions and the behavior of others. For ex-ample, we may hear ourselves say, “my teacher made me so nervous,” or “I am depressed because I did not score the mark I expected.” What is the assump-tion underlying these statements?

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Homily on Foundation Day

Attached is a beautiful sermon by Archbishop Stephen Reichert   on Foundation Day.  All those who were present enjoyed not only the explanation of “ Foundation Days”,  but also a spiritualized description of landscapes and travelling from Wewak to Madang.  You might like to enjoy it too.

Best in Me - Series 2 -Self-mastery

The motive of DWU: sic currite ut comprehendatis - run to win – reminds us to strive for the best and the highest with our Christian values.  You can be the leaders of tomorrow:  heads, managers, organizers, leaders, controllers of groups and organizations.

But who controls you, the person you are? Are you in control of yourself from deep within you, from your inner core?

Or are outside items like the bottle, alcohol, controlling you and your behavior?

The greatest challenge in life is to be in control of one-self – self-mastery. 

Searching for the Best in Me - True Love....
It is normal and expected that young people feel attracted to each other and move towards a loving relationship. At the same time, many find themselves in a turmoil of emotions like in the stages of adolescent sexuality. Some are so shy, finding themselves overwhelmed by the freedom of others.
Best in Me - Series 1- Spirits
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