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Welcome to Information & Communication
Technology Services

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Department of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) provides the highest levels of ICT support and services to the staff and students of the university and its affiliated and amalgamated campuses.

Its staff are involved in a diverse number of important roles ranging from managing our Customer Operations, Desktop Support Services, Computer Laboratory Maintenance & Management, LAN Administration, Web Development and Communications, right through to maintaining the Standard Operating Environment (SOE) for the university. ICT department is dedicated to provide the best services possible to the DWU community.

The Role of the Help Desk
Helpdesk is a first point of contact for any faults or queries about the ICT system supported by the University’s ICT Department. It is available to everyone entitled to use the University ICT related facilitie.
Helpdesk is open from Monday to Friday during normal University hours.

Help Desk Duty Roster

Helpdesk staff is stationed at the Help Desk located behind the Friendship Library to provide advice and assistance on using the University’s ICT facilities and services.   Apart from the Help Desk office, the Helpdesk team also maintains a telephone hot-line 424 1888 / 424 1889 to support the University members and its affiliated campuses in using the University’s ICT resources and services.

The normal University opening hours of the ICT Helpdesk are as follows:

Monday to Friday 07:30AM to 05:00PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday or Public Holidays Closed

The weekly duty schedule for Helpdesk and Infrastructure team officers is tabulated below:

Duty Officer Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Front Desk Makel Bridget Jennifer Jane Maleta
Help Desk






ICT Infrastructure








All ICT Services Status

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